Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Psalm 8 is Our Destiny

I was reading through this sermon from John Piper as I was preparing for Bible study on Sunday. His conclusion was so full of hope of the gospel in the midst of all of life's trials that I had to share it.
What then shall we do? Put your faith in the promise of this great future grace—that what you see in Christ today will someday be your portion. 
Fix your eyes on Christ, not on the pain and futility and frustration and sickness and death of this age. They will not have the last word. Christ has conquered death and all the sin and pain that leads to death. 
Think on him. Consider him. Look to him. 
And say to cancer and paralysis and sightless children and airplane-eating Everglades and child-shooting fathers—say to every unsubjected enemy— 
"Psalm 8 is my destiny! In Christ Jesus all things will one day be put under my feet, and I will rule with him in glory forever and ever." 
Believe that and say that—in the face of every calamity and every frustration in life. 
Because it is true.  
Jesus has made it true.

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