Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weekend Links 2/16

No More Tears - Greg Lucas reflects on what the hope of heaven might mean for him and his son Jake.

What God's Teaching Me Through Epilepsy - "I've had two months to grieve, accept, do some research, grieve some more, then accept, then do more research, then start to kind of hate the Internet for proving me with so much information to drive myself crazy with. Then I do some more research. Here are some of the things I've learned, both about epilepsy and about myself."

Lost in Transition - "Transitions are an inevitable part of life. Whether they come slowly or suddenly, deliberately or unintentionally, a million at a time or just one, happy or difficult—we can all count on transitions happening."

The Last Friend - I really enjoyed these reflections about C.S. Lewis and his wife Joy.

Gospel Conversation - "We need more leaders like Brother Jack who understand these truths. Our conversation—both what we say and what we don’t say—really does matter."

A Beautiful Birth to Heaven - This is an old post, but I ran across it this week. It is a beautiful testimony of a family whose son was stillborn at 31 weeks.

One Month - Katie Davis reflects on death and hope in light of the gospel.

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