Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekend Links 2/9

How to Kill Yourself - Ouch. "And, my guess is that you too truly enjoy serving others, but like me, occasionally, secretly hope to be noticed or thanked for it. So here’s the question; was our real motive, love for others, or love of ourselves?"

Cultivating Creativity and Freshness - Great tips. "I fear becoming a grumpy old man. Life is hard. It tends to wear you down. We can either die as bitter and frustrated or we can seek to grow better with age so that we can glorify God as creative people who make a difference."

Consider Preschool before Pulpit - "Since the fall, I've been teaching in our children’s worship service, usually once a month. After songs and prayer, I teach a short message before the kids aged 5-8 are dismissed to their individual classes—and for me, at least, the experience has been extremely helpful. Here are three things I've been reminded through the experience."

The Value of a Tired Soul - "Some days I go into the office just plain tired. Tired of late nights and early mornings. Tired of phone calls and texts messages. Tired of loss and heartbreak. Tired of being tired. But I am convinced that for all Christians there is real value in a tired soul."

He Does All Things Well - Wonderful gospel truth from Jared Wilson.

And finally...a video about worship. It really is painfully funny!

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