About Me

My name is Katie. I graduated from San Diego Christian College with a BA in Communication in December, 2011. Now I work at an insurance broker firm, live with two dear friends, serve in my local church, love on my family, babysit for dear children in my life, study and read as much as I can, and try anything else I can find the time to do. My life is full of transitions right now as I seek to figure out how to be a "grown-up" and what that should look like in light of the gospel.  This blog is just a chronicle of what God is teaching as I walk. My life is not perfect and I often find myself running back towards the things that I hate. But God's grace is sufficient  His providence is evident, and His love is enough. The more I learn and change the more I realize that my hope is truly in Jesus alone. And it is good, so very good.

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