Saturday, March 26, 2016

Do Ask, Do Tell Book Review

One issue that I have long been passionate about is the way that the church handles interactions with those struggling with same sex attraction (SSA). Brad Hambrick's new book from Cruciform Press called Do Ask, Do Tell, Let's Talk is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to both remain faithful to Scripture's call to holiness and yet have an effective care and witness for those around them who are struggling with SSA. This is not a book about the church as a whole, but primarily is a book for individuals who want to know how to honor Christ in their relationships with those who are SSA.

Hambrick begins by addressing many of the problems with the way those in the church have handled the issue of homosexuality: by judging or condemning, isolating themselves from it, or reducing and recategorizing it. The church often errs either on the side of truth-telling or on the side of compassion. There is rarely a biblical balance of love and truth.

By giving clear definitions, many examples, and wise advice, Hambrick addresses many of the fears, obstacles and biases that make Christians afraid to interact well with homosexuals. He helps readers to see their weaknesses in the way they think about SSA and encourages them to think biblically about relating to those who struggle with it. Finally, he gives clear examples of ways to pursue relationships with those experiencing SSA in a way that honors them as people, is faithful to Scripture, and provides many gospel opportunities.

This is a short book, but a very helpful, practical resource for believers who want to live and preach the gospel well in this area.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an impartial review. 

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