Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Begrudge the Generosity of God

I love when I see the Lord's generosity towards me, in the big or little things. Whether it be my job, a friend to talk to, a beautiful sunrise or a verse that reminds of the glories of Christ, God has been so gracious towards me. And He has done so solely because of who He is, and not because of who I am. This should leave me humbled and grateful. I am usually grateful; humbled...well, not so much.

I know this because when I see His generosity in the lives of others, my response is not usually one of joy for them - it's one of jealousy. I see what He has given them, and rather than celebrating His generosity, my response is usually, "Why not me, Lord?" Usually, I follow up that question by listing all of the reasons that I deserve His generosity in that area more than they do.

My heart is so easily deceived. Though I know that the gospel declares my brokenness apart from Christ, I often practically convince myself that I have something to offer God. But the truth is simple: I don't. He has been so good to me. And He has so good to all of His children. I don't need to begrudge God His generosity - there is more than enough to go around. In His infinite wisdom, He always gives us exactly what we need. It is in this knowledge that I can begin to see His generosity towards my brothers and sisters as a joyful truth rather than a frustrating discouragement.

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