Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Links 6/9

Jesus: Lord of Feast and Famine - "So when you’re at your highest, turn to Jesus in gratitude and for the strength to take the next step. And when you’re at your lowest, turn to Jesus in faith that he’ll provide for you the strength to keep going."

Rural Ministry is Not Second Rate - Jared Wilson condenses Tim Keller's thoughts about pastoring in a rural area. "The day I begin thinking of ministry as a career is the day my ministry career begins to be a big fat pile of FAIL. By God’s grace, I am what I am and do what I do, and this means going where I’m called and hoping he increases, not me. We’re supposed to decrease, you know?"

How a Child with Down Syndrome Can Teach You About Life - "Megan reminds me of the value of remaining childlike in my approach to life. Not childish, but childlike, and for a Christian, childlike faith is one of the best kinds of faith. A child’s faith does not question everything, like the cynical adult, a child’s faith trusts, and believes."

Sovereignty and Prayer - "In God's wisdom, our prayers and His sovereignty work well together. Our job is to pray, and to trust that He will accomplish all of his purposes. So pray."

Work as Worship -"Work is not opposed to worship, but rather (when performed in line with God’s creation design), it is a central avenue for worship and mission in God’s world."
This song is beautiful. I've been listening to it on repeat all week.

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