Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Links 6/30

The Idea of Evangelism Makes Me Uncomfortable - Excellent piece from Trevin Wax. "The New Testament picture of evangelism is not that we share Jesus with gritted teeth. It’s a picture of lips and hearts overflowing with worship. Whenever you are completely taken with something or someone, you can’t help but talk about it. Love can’t stop talking about the beloved. Fix the worship problem, and evangelism starts coming naturally."

He Knows Me - Wonderful beautiful words. From J.I. Packer on Desiring God.

Pleading with God in Prayer - From Tim Challies. "Take heart and to see that the Lord is accomplishing something through your prayers, something greater than if he were to give you what you desire apart from fervent, tear-filled prayers."

If Christ is True, Boredom is Sin - "When we are bored, it can only be because we have stopped looking at Jesus. He can’t be boring. If we find him boring, it’s because we are boring. The deficiency is ours, not his."

And finally, one of my favorite flash mobs...I love this.

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