Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend Links 6/16

The Arms of Divine Grace - Tim Challies with a wonderful quote from Matthew Henry. "He never intended this world for our rest, and therefore never appointed us to take our ease in it. This travail is given to us to make us weary of the world and desirous of the remaining rest."

Not Just a Sinner Saved by Grace - "'Just a sinner saved by grace' is only half the gospel. It’s true that in Christ, God has wiped the slate clean and has forgiven us our sins. But let’s make sure we don’t leave out the flip side – that not only does He forgive our sins, but He also regenerates us through the power of His Spirit. God is restoring our relationship to Him. He is living within us."

Raising Gospel-Centered Children - "If we stop to consider the motivations of our hearts—what is driving us as parents—we can gain important insight into the discipleship of our children. The driver behind gospel-centered discipleship is the glory of Christ. The driver behind child-centered discipleship is the glory of our children, and by extension, our own glory."

"Just as Long as It's Healthy" - A beautiful post on disabilities from Desiring God. "And it should fuel our hope that when God creates a child who will live, and maybe die because of his disabilities, God will help us love that child and welcome that child and let that child express his gifts, for God’s glory and for our good."

Temptation is an Invitation - Excellent thoughts from The Resurgence. "Temptation is an invitation to worship. You will either worship the enemy and do what he is tempting you to do, or you will worship Jesus and resist the temptation and obey. Either way you are worshiping."

The Abuse of Full-Time Christian Service - All of Christian life is "full time."  If it isn't, then we are all pretty sad Christians.  If I am excused from living the Christian life because I'm part-time, does that mean I can pick and choose when I am "on duty?"  I'll be good when I'm on duty, really I will, but after that, can I do what I want?"

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