Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Links 5/4

Brace Yourself for Suffering: Lessons from a Broken Leg - "A couple of weeks ago, my youngest brother, Weston, broke his right leg during a soccer game. It was horrible. He spent eight nights in the hospital and underwent four surgeries."

Something Beautiful - "God is not silent. He is not idle. He weaves our lives together in the most unexpected and intricate ways, laboring tirelessly on behalf of the small and the forgotten. Humbled, I watch Him work, holding on to my end of the thread as He takes it and makes it into something beautiful." There is a Part 2 of this story as well, though. This one is much harder to hear.

Where Are You? - "But God approaches them. Why? Why doesn't he just banish them and let them waste away in their now dying bodies, contaminated by their sin? Why not just give them over to Satan? Or why not wipe them off the earth and create a new, pure couple?"'

Eat It or Love It - "This is a command they cannot complete, no matter how badly they want to. They could will themselves to eat they fish; they cannot will their love of it. In fact, in order for them to be obedient to this command from their father, they need something internal to change. They need more than mere will power; they need new taste buds."

May We Use Commentaries Written by Women? - I so appreciated Jared Wilson's thoughts on this subject.

How Older Members Brighten the Future of the Church - "We sometimes act as if older members have no role vital to the future of the church. But actually they are absolutely essential, indispensable."

Dear Mr. President - A mom writes a letter to the President after sharing with her children the realities of abortion.

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