Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not Enough to Go Around

After Bible study on Sunday night, I stayed to just chat with a few friends. The couple who was hosting us all that night has a almost three-year-old son who was downstairs playing while we talked. At one point, he noticed that his dad had used a second chair to create a footrest for himself. Michael thought this was a great idea, so he picked up a folding chair (that was taller than he was) and moved it over by the couch.

Satisfied with himself, he sat down and smiled. But then he noticed - there were still people missing out on this glorious footrest! So he proceeded to move the two remaining folding chairs in front of his mom and another lady in the group, grunting the whole time with the effort. It was so sweet. He finally sat down and sighed in satisfaction. All was well...

Until his mom pointed out that there were still two of us who didn't have footrests. But there were no more chairs left! So he spent the next ten minutes shifting chairs over and over again. He would move one from his mom to me, and then from himself to his mom, and then from the other lady to himself, and so on and so forth. I think he was hoping that eventually, if he just moved the chairs quickly enough, there would be enough chairs to go around.

Sometimes I feel like Michael; there isn't enough of me to go around, but I'm hoping that if I just keep trying, more energy and time will magically appear. Sadly, it doesn't. And instead, I just end up tired and worn out from never taking time to rest.

Sometimes, saying no is a good thing. It allows us to focus our energies where they should be focused. Rather than doing a myriad of things halfheartedly, we can do a few things well.

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