Friday, May 10, 2013

Half Marathon: Accomplished

Well, we did it! My brother and I both finished the half marathon; I have the blisters and sore muscles to prove it. David did great, of course. He had his usual energy afterwards. I can't imagine not being tired and sore after running 13 miles, but somehow he seems to manage just fine.

It was a hard course (even the top finishers were slower than usual), with several mile-long uphill portions. When I finished, I didn't think I would never do another one. It was probably the most challenging thing I have ever done, both physically and emotionally. But now that I am 5 days out, I've convinced myself that it wasn't half as bad as I remember, and I'm pretty sure I will do another year. Time to take a long-distance running break and focus on shorter distances for a while. I'm sure my knees will thank me.

I'm really thankful that David was able to come down to SD and run with me. It was great to spend the weekend with him and my mom. And now another item has officially been checked off of my bucket list!

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