Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Links 5/11

Mysticism and Freedom - "But, I was the oldest in the room and it became apparent to me that, in some ways, I was seeing things quite differently. I think there are probably three general phases in Christian growth."

Words from a Gay Student to His Classmates - "Moody Students, we are among you, beside you and rooming with you. Give us grace as we struggle for holiness and sometimes fail. Give us your prayers, not just for today, but throughout your ministry here on earth."

The Best Book - "What was wrong is that at some point along the way my hunger for God's word was replaced with a hunger for mere knowledge. I longed for truths more than the truth. It didn't take long for the word of God to become something I used to simply footnote what I was reading in other books."

Ordinary: Christian Living for the Rest of Us - "It is about being ordinarily excellent, ordinarily passionate, ordinarily godly. It is about trusting that such ordinary saints are saints indeed, fully acceptable, fully accepted, fully pleasing to the One who created and called us."

On Mother's Day, Remember the Infertile - "We must recognize though that many infertile women find this day almost unbearable. This is not because these women are (necessarily) bitter or covetous or envious. The day is simply a reminder of unfulfilled longings, longings that are good."

This Sin but Not That Sin - "Last week I wrote about how Christians should respond to NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay. Later a young gay man challenged me as to why Christians feel the need to respond with such bold clarity to homosexuality while not doing the same to other cultural sins."

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