Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Links 1/26

Don't Put the Bibles Away - "The Bible is good for Bible study, we seem to be saying. But we seem to be saying something by putting the Bibles away the rest of the time. And what we're saying scares me. I am wondering what church would look like if we didn't put the Bibles away so quickly."

God Came Down - Powerful testimony. "Just over four years ago, I was on my way home from Red Deer where I had been at a piano teacher’s conference. I was about an hour from home and I think I called home to let Terry know where I was. He said something unusual for him: 'Don’t spare the gas – get home as soon as you can.' I pressed him a little on why – after all, we are usually pretty careful with both gas mileage and speed. He finally told me that our 14 year old daughter, Emily, was missing."

I Come Messy and Ashamed - A good reminder for us all.

Will the Real Biblical Woman Please Stand Up? - As someone who has felt the pressure from others around me that I am not a true Biblical woman until I am married, I am thankful for this encouragement from True Woman.

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