Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Links 1/12

Recovering Lost Disciplines - "We stand at a crossroads, and we will either rediscover the lost virtues of listening, meditating, and thinking, or we will amuse ourselves to death."

Where There is No Wal-Mart - I thoroughly enjoyed this account of bartering in an African market from Ali. Reminds me of Thailand!

If God Says No - "This year may be filled with 'no's.' It may be another year of unanswered prayers, of waiting, of longing. It may be another year of pain and sorrow. But God is not only holy, majestic, and just. He is 'our Father in heaven'."

Christian Hedonism in 155 Words - Sally Lloyd Jones reads from her new devotional for children, but it isn't just for children. Everyone can benefit.

Lord Have Mercy - This song resonates so strongly with me. I need His mercy in all things.

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