Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Links 9/29

Can You Catch Sin Like a Cold? - I seriously think that Barnabas Piper is incapable of writing something that is not insightful and helpful.

Needy - "He endured the bitterness and we receive the sweetness. He is always a feast for the neediest of souls. This is why our joy is out of this world. This is radical grace. Have you feasted?"

Real Life - So blessed by this. "And then it hit me: I can’t wait until our life is “perfect” to live life! This IS my life, the days that God has given me. By waiting until it’s something that it’s not (and won’t ever be!) I’m wasting the opportunities that God is giving me now, today."

God Answers - Another great poem from John Piper.

Spiritual Awakening and the Sovereignty of God - And a great article from John Piper. "It has been my conviction, and my experience, for over 40 years that knowing more about God from his inspired, energy-filled word puts more kindling in place so that the Holy Spirit can ignite a greater and greater flame of passion for God in our hearts."

Why We Chose to Have Beautiful Babies - Beautiful and thought-provoking. "The fact was incontrovertible: Doctors did not think my life was worth living. So, in all honestly, I must confess that I first starting thinking hard about filling the planet with more me-mutants just to prove that I and my children were just as fearfully and wonderfully made as any of God’s image bearers (Psa. 139:13-16)."

I'm (Kinda Sorta Yeah Not Really) Gay - Great article. "For Christians who struggle with same-sex attraction, the answer is really 'yes and no.' Yes on the surface level (being attracted to the same sex) and no in the truest sense (as a new creation in Christ). So if someone asked if I’m gay, the best answer is 'Kinda sorta yeah not really.' It’s a complicated answer. But so is the question."

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