Monday, September 17, 2012

Give Me Your Money!

So yesterday, my roommate and I were scheduled to teach Sunday school at church, and we taught the story of the Prodigal Son, talking about how because of Jesus, God always welcomes us back with joy no matter what we have done. After we finished telling the story, we talked about it, memorized a verse, and then decorated party hats to remind us of the love of the Father.

It was going great; everyone seemed like they understood...and then the parents came. A dear four-year-old boy walked up to his dad, pointed at him, and said, "Give me your money!"

His dad looked at him, confused. "What do you mean?"

This sweet boy answered, "Give me your money so I can run away and then I can have a birthday when I come back!"

Well. I suppose knowing the story counts for something, right?

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  1. Hahahahaha! love that so cute! little kids are so hilarious! like the other day at work i picked up an couple and their 3 year old boy. and he had the highest pitched voice it was so cute! but he would not stop talking about random things! he asked me if i played baseball, i told him i casually did occasionaly. he then replied, "well i play baseball everyday in my yard!" super high voice.... then randomly changed the subject very quickly and pronounced: "I play lacrosse, do you play lacrosse? I am very good!" his voice was so high i couldnt help but laugh! then I replied, "Kid, I dont even know what lacrosse is!" omg so funny!! 3 years old, asking if i play a sport which ive barely even heard of! finally as we neared the airport, he stopped mid-sentence, let out a high pitched yelp, and jumped up and down in his seat, shouting, "Look theres a plane flying look!!!", as a plane filled our windshield on its landing. i couldnt help but laugh at his randomness and attention span hahahaha. as i dropped them at their car, the boys parting words to me were, "Thank you for driving me to my car, your a cool driver, but.... you need to play lacrosse!" hahahahaha made my day!!::DD