Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List Revisited

Well, since the first of September is here, I suppose that summer is finally over. So it's time to see how I did at completing my ideas for the summer!

- Try paddle boarding (Check! Loved it. Would totally go again.)
- Go camping (Well, this didn't happen. Not even close.)
- Spend a day in Balboa park (Or this one.)
- Run while the sun is setting (or this one. Too dang hot to run at night.)
- Go hiking! (And while I walked around Lake Murray many times, actual hiking didn't happen as well. This is discouraging!)
- Nap in the hammock (Yes! Lovely afternoons.)
- Enjoy ice cream on the beach (Check!)
- Go to the farmers market! (I did, and I tried figs for the first time and had an all around lovely time.)
- Eat gelato (It was great.)
- Read some of the books that have been sitting on my shelf for months... (This was actually more successful than I expected. I have spent quite a bit of time reading this summer, and it has been a blessing. Still many books to go though!)
- Watch fireworks on 4th of July (This was a resounding success. Turns out my backyard has a perfect view of a fireworks show that is only a quarter of a mile away. Best show I've seen.)
- See my brother juggle at the OC Fair (He was great!)
- Tour the Olympic Training Facility in Chula Vista (This didn't happen because by time I got around to thinking about it, all of the athletes were headed to London. So hopefully soon!)
- Have a picnic
- Find a good used bookstore in East County (I found one that I absolutely love.)
- Many, many frozen yogurt dates (Let's be real: this always happens, summer or not.)

Other exciting things that I did:
- Got my insurance license. So accomplished.
- Woke up several mornings to see the sunrise.
- Experienced a San Diego lightning storm. One of the most glorious things that I have seen.
- Watched a dear friend's son take his first steps. Precious.
- Went to Pageant of the Masters in LA with second row seats thanks to dear friends. It was fantastic.
- Tried fish for the first time! Swordfish specifically, and it was excellent.

And many other things I'm sure. This summer has not been without it's challenges, but it has been so much fun, and it has been full of time spent with dear friends. Now onto fall!

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