Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sleep and Self-Sufficiency

My roommate is getting married this week, making our house wedding central. In addition, it has just been a busy week at work and with friends. I haven't been sleeping as much as I should, and yesterday, I started to feel it.

I can go for a few days without enough sleep and I don't feel the affects. But any more than that, and all of the sudden it hits me, and I am furious or hurt about the littlest things, things that shouldn't be an issue. Yesterday was the day that everything hit me. I fell apart last night about the smallest things, and felt awful because of it.

When I initially choose pleasure or work over rest, I feel fine. I am self-sufficient, not even needing sleep. But then I realize the truth: I cannot sustain myself. Rest is a necessary part of the way that the Lord created me.

It is when I sleep that I remember that I need the Lord's sustaining power and sovereignty. It is a way of saying that I cannot do it all. It is a reminder that I am ultimately completely dependent on the One who created me.

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