Tuesday, August 27, 2013

He Preserved His Word

I'm taking a Biblical Hermeneutics class this semester in seminary. One of my favorite parts of the class so far has been some reading that I had to do regarding how we came to have the Bible that we currently have. One of the points that the author (James White) made was that when Scripture was written and distributed in the first and second century A.D., there was never a point when one group had controlling access of all of the copies that were available. Copies of all of the books were spread across Africa, Asia and Europe. As a result, no one person was able to suppress portions of Scripture that they didn't like or agree with - there was accountability, because there were always other people who had a copy to point out major errors or changes.

In contrast, after Muhammad died, every copy of the Koran was collected by one man who created an "authorized version" that he then sent back to all of the different mosques. He could add or delete anything that he liked, because he destroyed every copy that had existed previously and didn't match his own.

How thankful I am for the sovereignty of God that has preserved his Word for us throughout the ages that we might truly see His glory and the glory of His Son!

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