Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He Anchors Me with His Grace Abounding

It's profound with all these sinking ships around me, peace surrounds me and He anchors me with His grace abounding. - Josh Garrels and Beautiful Eulogy, "Anchor of My Soul"
Last month, I waited in a security line at the airport to have my ID checked as I headed to see my grandma for the last time. It had been less than 36 hours since I had returned from Thailand, and in that time I had worked two full days, done laundry, unpacked and repacked, and slept for a few hours. I was jet-lagged, and adding another 3 hour time difference to my already confused body, still on the typical missions trip "high", but heading to say goodbye for the last time to my grandma who doesn't know the Lord. I was a tangled mess of emotions.

But there was a peace...a peace in knowing Him who is greater than this world. A knowledge that He is an anchor for my soul in every storm. And so as I waited in the security line, I didn't feel quite as drained as I probably truly was.

When I reached the TSA guard, I handed him my ticket and passport, smiled and asked how his night was going.

"Very well," he answered, smiling back at me, an abnormal response from almost any California TSA agents, but particularly those working the night shift. They aren't exactly known for their pleasantness.

He looked at my ticket for a moment, and then looked up at me again. "You're looking very joyful, Miss Joyce." Then he handed me my ticket and I walked on to the next portion of security.

What he will never know is what those words meant that night. My middle name is Joyce. I am named for my grandma, the very grandma I was going to say goodbye to and who I had been praying for. I was exhausted and had every reason to be frustrated and full of grief. But the Lord had given me a confidence in who He is, and I did find rest in Him.The TSA guard's words, although he will never know that, were a reminder to me of the joy that I have in Christ,  in the One who anchors my soul in every storm with His abundant grace. I was indeed feeling joyful that night.

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