Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend Links 4/6

The Power to Love and Forgive - "At this point we realized we needed resources beyond love languages and bank balances. We had nothing to give the other — which left us with nothing to get from the other. It was a vicious cycle."

What the Law-Keeper Cries to the Gospel-Lover - "Over the years he has shared with me several interesting little glimpses of his work in that community--a community that attempts to adhere to every part of the Old Testament law. It is fascinating to hear how these attempts manifest themselves in the twenty-first century."

Not a Waste of Time - "One of our favorites stories from Edith Schaeffer."

First Day Thoughts on Not Being a Pastor Anymore - "Finishing the ministry at Bethlehem has been deeply and painfully satisfying. Painfully, because of long, tearful embraces with people who don’t want to let go. But here I want to show you how finishing can be so satisfying."

Waiting, Wasting, Wandering - Sweet encouragement.

Why Envy is a Danger for the YRR - "This will be the test for us among the Young, Restless Reformed. So I invite you to take the test with me. The next time someone else is given an opportunity or a blessing that you wish was yours, how do you react?"

Two Adams Met in Me - Fantastic poem from Barry York.

When Josh Harris Slapped Me Across the Face - I needed to hear this.

Peacemaking: A Gospel Necessity - "If God has reconciled us to himself through Christ, how can we not pursue reconciliation with one another?"

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