Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Links 4/20

What Gosnell and the Gospel Mean to the Brave - "If the compassion of the world is 'We do not unwanted children born into the world,' then the compassion of the Gospel has to be far more powerful. The compassion of Christ-followers needs to literally and practically and sacrificially be: 'We do want all the children born into this world.'"

Ten Simple Strategies for Prayer - "I know very few people who don’t struggle with prayer. We know we should pray, but doing so consistently and fervently is not easy. Most of our praying is reactionary – that is, in response to a problem – rather than proactive, lifestyle praying."

Find Your Worth in the Gospel - "The therapeutic gospel says, 'I am valuable, and that’s why God loves me.' The biblical gospel says, 'I am valuable because God loves me!'"

Hard Training - "We agreed that God seems to give much more frustration to some Christians than to others. It is a fact that God will eventually put you ‘to death’ one way or the other through sorrow and disappointment. But with some this comes through a thousand cuts. With others through a few major strokes."

Mirror Wars - "But I wonder if Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches has the right idea. I wonder if seeing ourselves through the eyes of others will show that we are too hard on ourselves, that the real source discrediting our beauty is found in ourselves. And then I wonder what we would see if we chose to see ourselves through the eyes, not only of charitable strangers, but of Christ."

Strength to Hold On - A great reminder.

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