Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Links 4/27

Leap and Weep - John Piper's thought on finishing his time as a pastor.

53 Fun Nights Out for $10 or Less - I love all of these different ideas!

Letter to a Parent Grieving the Loss of a Child - "This loss and sorrow is all so fresh. I hesitate to tread into the tender place and speak. But since you ask, I pray that God would help me say something helpful."

Naming False Securities - This was so convicting. "All of these false securities erode our trust in God, and when our trust in God is gone our joy evaporates and we are left with dehydrated souls. The response is to turn to Christ, and there to find all the security we need eternally and for our daily bread today."

Dear Church Kid - "Did you know that you functionally deny the reality of our need for grace in Christ when you put on your church kid mask?"

The Complementarian Woman: Permitted or Pursued - "The challenge for any pastor would be to consider whether he is crafting a church culture that permits women to serve or one that pursues women to serve. Because a culture of permission will not ensure complementarity functions as it should.

Salvation's Tenses - Don't miss this glorious gospel poem

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