Monday, November 12, 2012


I love to be moving. The adrenaline that a busy day brings is one of my favorite feelings. And now that I'm working full-time, I find it easier and easier to be constantly busy. I only really have extra time on my lunch break and evenings during the week, and those fill up very quickly. But lately I've been reaching Sunday afternoons (usually my one quiet stretch of alone time during the week) and realizing that I have forgotten how to not be busy.

I've forgotten the simple joy of reading in a hammock, of vacuuming the living room and washing dishes, of practicing piano and learning new songs, of simply sitting outside and enjoying a beautiful afternoon. I have lost the joy that I once knew in simply being quiet before the Lord.

But I've been realizing over this past week how necessary those times of quiet are for me. I am not introverted, at least not in the fullest sense of the word, but the times in life when I feel the most confident in my relationship with the Lord (both in who He is and what He has completed) and when I feel most refreshed are the times when I have space in my life to

Not just times in Scripture and prayer...those (usually) happen whether quiet is there or not, but time to reflect and process all that has been happening, which usually doesn't happen during one specific activity, but during a specific type of activity - one where my mind can wander. During those times, I am most aware of where my heart is with the Lord and can take the necessary steps to make everything right.

Intentionality is becoming more and more important in my life - I have to make time for what I truly care about, since time just doesn't happen as naturally as it used to. And just like so many other things that I love, time to be quiet is essential for my spiritual health, so if you'll excuse me...

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