Friday, November 23, 2012

Hawaii Pictures

Earlier this month I got to go to Kauai with my Aunt as a belated graduation gift. I thought I would share some of the photos that we took. 
The Na Pali coastline in early morning light. 

More views of the Na Pali coastline. 

Snorkeling! It wasn't as exciting as I had hoped - we only saw a few different kinds of fish. But it was a beautiful area and that made it worth it. 

I got to go zip-lining, which has been on my bucket list for ages. This is part of the ranch we zip-lined over. It's been the site of over 20 movies and it was easy to see why. 

The before shot. 

And after. All of that gear is incredibly attractive. 

Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We got to do some hiking around the canyon, and it was stunning. 

Views from the Kau-Lau-Lau trail out to the waterfall. 

A fresh mountain apple picked off of a tree on the side of the trail. We also picked guavas and blackberries as we hiked. 

Hanakapi'ai Falls. The trail out to the falls wasn't very well marked, and once we thought we were there. It wasn't very exciting - three 5-foot waterfalls. Nice, but we weren't sure it was worth the 8-mile hike. And then we saw another trail marker, kept going and saw this glorious sight...300 feet high. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

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