Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Links 3/16

Wurmbrand - Wonderful stories from the bold witness of Richard Wurmbrand.

When We Lie About Praying to Others: 7 Thoughts - "Someone approaches me and asks for prayer. It might be right after I've spoken somewhere. So I tell them I will most certainly pray for them. But I don’t. I forget about their heartfelt request as soon as I start talking to the next person."

On Looking - Thought-provoking article that forces you to consider what you have been missing as you see the world around you. So many things to learn and explore!

Learning Not to Learn from your Mistakes - "Much of maturity is learning how to learn without needing mistakes to do it, especially not the intentional missteps."

Missing Out on Beautiful - "I used to think that the world was the objective observer and my view of Penny was skewed by my love for her. I now believe that love is the only way to see the truth, and that for years I was simply missing out on beautiful."

'Imago Dei' in a Nursing Home - "But in practice, does our own culture demonstrate a similar devaluing of personhood? Do our actions indicate that deep down we believe life is worth less when an older adult can no longer live independently or contribute to society? Do we consider people less valuable the day they can no longer feed and toilet themselves, the day they fail to recognize the face that stares blankly back at them in the mirror?"

What to Do When You Can't See Straight - "When God opens the eyes of our hearts then we can see him for who he is. And when we see who he is then we understand certain things that will change the way we look at ourselves and our situations."

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