Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Seasons...

On Monday, I was officially accepted into seminary! I have been thinking about grad school for a while now, and I finally decided that I might as well pursue it. I have both the time and the money to do so right now and I love structured learning. I want to be better equipped to serve at my church and to minister to the different people that the Lord has placed in my life. Additionally, I believe we need more women in the church who take their theological education seriously, whether through studying at home or through organized school. Either way, it's essential that we are able to speak truth to each other, our families and friends.

The biggest reason I finally decided that it was time to apply was because I realized that even if I only take 5 or 6 classes and then stop for whatever reason, it won't be wasted. I don't have to have a degree for learning to have been worth the effort.

So I applied to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. And on Monday I was accepted. I start in the fall, although not much will change, since I will be attending part-time, long-distance online. The bills still have to be paid! My hope is to attend long distance for several years, and then spend a year in KY finishing my degree...which could be one of many options. At this point, it is a Master of Arts in Theological Studies for Laypeople, which is wonderful because I get five elective classes. I can take anything that I would like! However, while this is my declared major, I have by no means officially decided. There are too many things I would like to learn!

So there you go...a new season begins soon. A season of school and full-time work. But I am excited to learn and study more intentionally again. I'm sure that I will have lots to share as this new season begins!

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