Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Links 12/2

28,497 Reasons to Be Thankful - Convicting reminder of the grace that truly is ours.

Enjoying Trophies of God's Grace - John Piper's letter to his congregation as he celebrate his last Advent season with them as senior pastor. "Memory has a way of simplifying things. It strips away a few million details that at the time seemed major, and it leaves only the big outlines. Of course, God was in those details. It was he and not I who wove them into the tapestry that I now look back on with wonder. I can’t see the threads any more. A few thousand of them are recorded in my journal, if I choose to look at them. But mainly I simply marvel at the tapestry God has woven."

Don't Undersell Your Commute - "They yearned for more of him. They saw him because they sought him — and they sought him in the simplest routines that make up life . . . when they had just a few minutes by themselves amid their daily responsibilities."

10 Common Mistakes in Difficult Relationships - Ouch. This one hit home.

Why You Should Consider a Social Media Fast - A really balanced, helpful view from Kevin DeYoung.

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