Friday, December 7, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. You know what one of my favorite moments is? When it's really cold outside and you climb inside your car that's toasty warm from the sun. One of life's small joys.

2. I am officially (Lord-willing, of course) returning to Thailand in May of 2013! I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

3. Two weeks of vacation is not very much. This has definitely been the biggest shocker as I have transitioned into adult life. Not my favorite part of working full-time, let me tell you that!

4. The Hobbit (well part 1) comes out this Thursday night! That has been one of my favorite books for a long time, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the movies.

5. I have been reading through some of John Piper's short biographies of different missionaries and defenders of the faith, and I was reminded again this week of how thankful I am that the Lord preserved the testimonies of His saints to encourage us.

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