Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The God Who Never Lies

Paul, a servant1 of God and aan apostle of Jesus Christ, for the sake of the faith of God's elect and btheir knowledge of the truth, cwhich accords with godliness, din hope of eternal life, which God, ewho never lies, fpromised gbefore the ages began2 and hat the proper time manifested in his word ithrough the preaching jwith which I have been entrusted kby the command of God our Savior;
To Titus, lmy true child in ma common faith:
nGrace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. - Titus 1:1-4
The Bible study that I'm apart of just started going through Titus, and this was the section that we studied last night. I am so excited to spend time in this book if just the first four verses are such a blessing.

Paul is writing the for the purpose of the faith of God's people, that they may grow in their knowledge of truth. And as they grow in their knowledge of truth they will begin to know more and more the God who never lies, whose promises are sure and whose plans always come to fruition. Nearly all of the sin that is an issue in my life is a result of the fact that I don't believe the Word of God enough. I don't trust His promises or His good purposes enough. But here Paul encourages me that the more I grow in the knowledge of the truth and in my faith, I will grow in my belief in and love for this God who never lies. And the more that I begin to know this faithful God, the more I will live a life that is marked by godliness and a life that is marked by and lived in the sure hope of eternal life. 

I love that. It's easy to get discouraged that I don't see enough growth, but I was so encouraged in studying this by the goodness of the God that I serve and reminded of the importance of the little things, like spending time in the Word and hearing the Word faithfully preached. Because as I do those things, I will grow in my knowledge of this God who never lies, which will lead to a changed life and heart, that live for His purposes and not my own. The Lord's work is not done, and He will not stop until He has completed what He began. For He is indeed the God who never lies, and that is a sweet, sweet promise. 

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