Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Things

It has been a long, busy, wonderful week. Hence, the lack of posting. But here are 5 things that I'm stoked about right now:

1. A baby falling asleep in my arms. The sweetest thing in the world.

2. I'm getting my insurance license!!! So exciting! Plus I get to spend an extra week with my family while I take my class to prepare for my exam.

3. My brother is juggling at the fair starting today! And this past week, he juggled at my family's church's VBS. The theme was "Once Upon a Time", and so he had to dress up like a jester, tights and all. So stinkin' proud of that kid.

4. Turkey burgers with garlic herb cheese and guacamole. Try it. You'll never go back to regular burgers. Plus, they taste even better when enjoyed with lovely friends.

5. This beautiful quote from David Powlison: "We are meant to long supremely for the Lord himself, for the Giver, not his gifts. The absence of blessings - rejection, vanity, reviling, illness, poverty - often is the crucible in which we learn to love God for who he is. In our idolatry we make gifts out to be supreme goods, and make the Giver into the errand boy of our desires."

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